About Us


Falkland Island Shipping has been providing vital shipping services to the Falkland Islands for over 150 years . In 1852 its sister company the Falkland Islands Company ( “FIC”)received a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria and commenced operations . In the years since then FIC (www.the-falkland-islands-co.com ) has developed from its farming roots and is now a diverse business providing a wide range of essential services to the people of the Falkland Islands including retailing, transport, insurance, travel and property services.

Both Falkland Island Shipping and FIC are both owned by their ultimate parent, Falkland Islands Holdings plc a publicly owned company quoted on the AIM market in London.

Within this larger group Falkland Island Shipping is responsible for providing FIC and the people of the Islands with a vital link to the UK and ships over 90% of FIC’s supplies and the essential requirements of other Falklands based businesses and individuals. Trading by its former name of Darwin Shipping, Falkland Island Shipping has historically owned its own vessels , operated charter ships and most recently now contracts space on the military supply ships which operate a regular service from Southampton water direct to the Falklands.

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