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Why Choose Us

  • Dedicated UK - Falklands Service : Our UK team has over 70 years combined experience in arranging shipments to and from the Falkland Islands
  • Flexible : Shipments can be tailored to meet your exact requirements . No shipment too large or too small – Falkland Island Shipping can arrange shipment of personal or corporate cargoes from a single digital TV to the largest items of plant and machinery. Dedicated vessel chartering is available on request.
  • Unmatched local presence in the Falklands : Falkland Island Shipping is a wholly owned subsidiary and can draw on the resources of the Falkland Islands Company the Islands’ oldest and largest provider of commercial services. Solving your problems is their business.
  • Unbeatable rates : Falkland Island Shipping’s purchasing power means it can offer you the most competitive shipping rates available in the market today.
  • Transparent pricing structure with no hidden extras
  • Complete One stop shop service : Storage , Packing , Insurance, Shipping, Customs Clearance and local delivery are all arranged by Falkland Island Shipping.
  • Safe and Secure – All containerised shipments are sealed in the UK in dedicated FIS containers and delivered directly to your chosen location in the Islands by Falkland Island Shipping personnel.
  • Direct delivery – all shipments are made directly to or from the UK with no risk of delays, theft or loss in South American ports.
  • Regular shipping schedule – 10 shipments to and from the Falklands each year.
  • Convenient containerisation service for packing and consolidation of UK cargoes just off junction 27 of the M25 in Essex .
  • International : Falkland Island Shipping is happy to arrange transhipment for overseas cargoes in to the UK for onward shipment to the Falkland Islands
  • Professional & Personal : All Falkland Island Shipping’s customers are given a dedicated professional service . If required personal supervision of loading in UK or the Falklands can be arranged.

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