Types Of Shipment

Specialist Cargoes

Falkland Island Shipping provides delivery to commercial fleets operating in Falkland Islands waters via the Fleet Agency of sister company, The Falkland Islands Company. We can arrange delivery of spare parts, personnel and other supplies on a regular or priority basis.

Falkland Island Shipping specialises in making arrangements for the transportation of outsized cargo, having twice been appointed as logistics leader for the delivery of wind turbines to the Falklands, and regularly assists the Falkland Islands Government in shipment of civil engineering building supplies.

Falkland Island Shipping can arrange for shipments requiring Dangerous Goods Notices (‘DGN’) through its agents at Marchwood Port. DGN requirements for marine cargo differ from UK haulage regulations. Falkland Islands Shipping staff in Bishop’s Stortford are available to advise as required.

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